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Should I Buy It helps consumers detect and verify that goods are authentic before purchasing, using social sourcing and feedback from shoppers around the world.

Are you sure that product you are buying is authentic? The Should I Buy It app helps shoppers share and identify your items as authentic before you buy it.

Join shoppers around the world and help authenticate and validate the goods that you are purchasing before you buy it.

Should I Buy It supports the work of the Illicit Trade GAC Global Agenda Councils - World Economic Forum

Illicit trade is a major contributor to discrepancies in wealth between the developing and developed world, fuels devastating conflicts and undermines the legitimacy of several fragile states. In effect, illicit trade is the conduit that supports destabilizing and dangerous activity in nearly every sphere of the global economy.

From the illegal export of protected commodities to the use of supply lines by terrorist groups and transnational criminal networks, illicit trade hinders the fundamental building blocks of development, democracy, human rights and rule of law. It supports corrupt practices among government officials and private citizens alike. The value of illicit trade globally rivals the individual GDP of most members of the G8.

To enhance awareness of the issue and respond to these challenges, the Global Agenda Council on Illicit Trade has developed a global social crowdsourcing platform to collect information through consumer involvement and reporting of illicit traded goods. The platform is accessed through smartphone platforms, enabling the collection of rich media, capturing photographs of traded goods, compiling consumer reports on their authenticity, price and quality, as well as accurate geo-location and vendor/store information.

The first release of the application called Should I Buy It is available via the iTunes app store. In addition to distributing the information to other app holders, anyone with public access to the Internet can monitor reports through the public Facebook page of the Should I Buy It platform. Future releases of the platform will gradually include feedback from agencies fighting illicit trade, with flash news reports and contributions from international customs and other agencies.

Join shoppers around the world and help authenticate and validate the goods that you are purchasing, before you buy it, with the Should I Buy It mobile app from WISeKey in cooperation the Global Agenda Council on Illicit Trade and Organized Crime.